VDA 6.1 / 6.2 / 6.4 (Automotive)

Certification Profile

Cars are complex objects consisting of a multitude of high-value systems, components and parts; the majority of them from the automotive supply industry.

Quality Management for the Automotive Industry

In order to ensure the reliability and safety of their vehicles, automotive manufacturers have long required that their suppliers demonstrate recognized proof of their quality capability.

In order to standardize these demands, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has been developing the publication series Vol. VDA 6.x since 1996. They build upon an existing quality management system according to ISO 9001. No matter what parts you supply: the continually updated VDA volumes reliably cover all the various specializations.
Our auditors and their automotive expertise offer you goal-oriented and value-adding auditing on the basis of internationally recognized quality standards. This is why DQS is the partner of choice for proof of quality based on the VDA volumes.

*The complete processing of automotive standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and IATF 16949:2016 is handled exclusively by Holding GmbH

VDA Volumes

The VDA Alternative to IATF'S ISO/TS 16949

VDA 6.1 is the correct standard if your company is involved in series production. It delivers the framework for a quality management system specifically suited to the automotive sector, promotes avoidance of mistakes and strengthens reliability and process capability in the value chain of your company. It also contains aspects of the European EFQM model.

For Service Providers

VDA 6.2 is for you if your company offers services, e.g. a car dealership, a forwarding company or an engineering bureau. The requirements of this standard focus not only on the quality of your customer orientation, but also the continuous improvement of your internal services such as development or procurement. There is no international standard comparable to VDA 6.2.

For Production Equipment Suppliers

VDA 6.4 applies to you if you are a manufacturer of production equipment for the automotive industry, for example machinery, facilities, tools, measuring and testing equipment. The standard corresponds in its structure to VDA 6.1, but is tailored to the special requirements of plant and machine manufacturers. There is no international equivalent to VDA 6.4.

How it works

Ideally, auditing according to any of the VDA standards is done on the basis of a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001. In this case, your company undergoes DQS’ classic evaluation process: from system analysis (stage 1) to system audit (stage 2), up to issuance of the certificate and annual surveillance audits. Building on this and depending on the VDA standard chosen, our auditors will conduct a value-adding system audit of all relevant areas of your company. Upon fulfillment of the requirements, you will receive the respective VDA certificate.