Certification Profile

So far, information security in the automotive industry has been strongly influenced by individual approaches – that is about to change. Service providers and suppliers must regularly prove to their customers that they meet the high security requirements for data provided.

Secure information exchange

So far, such assessments have been carried out mainly by the manufacturers themselves, which in the past repeatedly led to unnecessary multiplication. With TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), there will be a joint assessment and exchange procedure in the future.

Are you a supplier or service provider for the automotive industry? If so, you need only one thing to assure customers that you are keeping their information secure – participation in the TISAX Exchange. All it takes is one assessment every 3 years.

Imagine your partners. They have confidential information they need to share with their supplier – you. The cooperation between you and your partners creates value. The information your partners share with you is an important part of this value creation. Thus, they need to protect it appropriately. And they want to be sure that you are handling this information with the same due care. But how can they be sure that this information is in good hands? They can’t just “believe” you. Your partner needs to see some proof.

The TISAX network

The participants in TISAX share information via a common online platform on the information security status of another participant, in the form of the results of assessments performed. Important to know: not every TISAX participant automatically has access to the assessment results of another participant.

Who receives which information in the TISAX network is something the audited company itself decides by explicit release from case to case.

The advantages of TISAX

  • Cross-company recognition of the assessment results among all TISAX participants
  • Greater confidence in certified service providers and suppliers
  • Avoids the need for multiple checks
  • Fewer misunderstandings due to the harmonized VDA-ISA test catalog
  • Mutual recognition in the TISAX network saves time and cost
  • Only one TISAX assessment every three years