What is RecyClass?
RecyClass is driven by the interest of brands, retailers, converters, raw
material producers and recyclers to advance recyclability of plastic
packaging and establish a harmonized approach towards the use of
recycled material.

The Recyclability by RecyClass

With its scientific approach, RecyClass enhances and evaluates
recyclability of plastic packaging by developing methodologies and
guidelines necessary to assess the recyclability of a package. With this
purpose in mind, RecyClass developed the Recyclability Methodology,
Design for Recycling Guidelines and Recyclability Evaluation Protocols
which serve as a basis for the development and implementation of the
RecyClass online tool, Recyclability Certifications and Technology/
Product Approvals.

Recycled Content traceability

RecyClass focuses as well on the harmonization of the approach towards
the verification of recycled content, by assessing the traceability of
recycled material across the different stages of the value chain. The
Audit Scheme developed for the Recycled Content Certification
represents a step forward bringing transparency and trust to end-users
as well as green claims. By using the scientific approach for both
recyclability and recycled content evaluation, RecyClass provides
technical support to the entire plastic value chain.


The objective of RecyClass is to drive the harmonization of the
methodology and the guidelines across the EU, both for the recyclability
and the recycled content evaluation. Uniform implementation of
established design for recycling guidelines and principles across the
plastic packaging industry will lead to high quality recycling and

consequently provide a higher quality of recyclates on the market,
ultimately leading to an increase in the uptake of recyclates.
RecyClass is a platform which, via a strong and scientifically grounded
approach and collaboration of the different actors, has the power to
drive the change and create a true circular economy for plastics.

About PRE

Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) is an organization representing the voice of
the European plastics recyclers who reprocess plastic waste into high-quality
material destined for the production of new articles. Recyclers are important
facilitators of the circularity of plastics and the transition towards circular
Plastics recycling in Europe is a rapidly growing sector, representing €3 billion
in turnover, 8.5 million tonnes of installed capacity, 600 companies and over
20,000 employees.
Our organization provides plastics recyclers with representation at the
European level and among the leading industry organizations. It promotes the
use of quality plastic recyclates and offers concrete advice on
developing innovative, recyclable products and packaging.


The methodology provides comprehensive information on the
assessment methods used to assess and certify recyclability of a
plastic package. The methods described are:

  •  Design-for-Recycling Certification
  •  Recyclability Rate Certification

The first one assesses a packaging qualitatively based on the
online, self-assessment RecyClass Tool which at the end of the
evaluation provides a class ranking from A to F to indicate its
recyclability. The latter relies on a quantitative verification of
recyclability of a packaging using a specific formula developed by
RecyClass in line with the highest European standards. Both
methodologies are based on the data compiled under the Design
for Recycling Guidelines and the Recyclability Protocols results.
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