Qualified Carrier

Certification Profile

You are a successful transport company. You provide highly reliable services and quality throughout the supply chain to your customers. In your daily business, economic efficiency, sustainability of your services, and environmental awareness is highly important. Position yourself in the market with this high quality promise and communicate it transparently: With the certificate “Qualified Carrier”, or “Qualified Carrier Excellence”. It is a worldwide acclaimed proof of quality and fosters trust in your quality performance. With this new quality standard, also carriers get a significant competitive advantage.

Assessment of most relevant performance criteria

The demanding, yet feasible assessment system “Qualified Carrier” includes around 40 performance criteria which you need to meet to get the certificate. The auditors are well experienced in the logistics sector and check core requirements, which cover economic, social and legal aspects – such as complying with the legal insurance and social standards.

They also check additional requirements that address e.g. costing and accounting basics, business planning and handling of accidents. The DQS Competence Center Logistics developed the criteria catalogue in close cooperation with an advisory board of renowned sector experts.

Recognition of excellent performance

In addition, and due to an intelligent weighting system of its requirements, the quality standard recognizes excellent performance: If your company conforms to 95% or more of the achievable score, you get the certificate “Qualified Carrier Excellence”.

However: those who do not comply with essential requirements will not pass the audit. About one fourth of the criteria of the standard are indispensable “knockout” criteria, for example: Repeatedly violation of driving times and rest periods, or salary deductions in case of damages.

Advantages of the Certification

  • Competitive advantage due to an external proof of quality
  • Improved transparency and security in the transport sector
  • Confirmation of the carrier’s performance and efficiency
  • Improved trust of the customer in the carrier
  • Improved trust of drivers in their future employer

The Steps towards the Certificate

The Qualified Carrier suits for carriers, which want to get their performance checked and confirmed. It also suits for shippers and for forwarders of complex size, which aim at qualifying and controlling their contractors. The Qualified Carrier is a:

  • One-day audit,
  • Based on a transparent criteria catalogue, and a
  • Combination of document checks and on-site audit.

The auditors are sector experts and concentrate in particular on

  • Basis data and management requirements
  • Human resources policy and working conditions
  • Processes and operations
  • Requirements for truck fleet and facilities.

As result of the one-day audit, you get a detailed report that includes valuable comments to improvement and optimization potentials in your company.

After successful conduct, and if you comply with a minimum of 85% of the achievable score of weighted requirements, you get the worldwide accepted certificate “Qualified Carrier” of DQS. The Qualified Carrier rewards excellent performance with a score of min. 95% with the certificate “Qualified Carrier Excellence”.