ISO 29990:2010

Certification Profile

With ISO 29990, learning service providers have an internationally applicable standard available to them for the first time which focuses directly on the quality of the learning services themselves. This standard is subject to certification and therefore particularly well suited to demonstrate the quality and competence of learning services to legislators and all relevant stakeholders – particularly the learners themselves.

Quality of Learning Services

The ISO standard emphasizes both the actual need of the learners and the development of customer oriented training offers, as well as on the evaluation of learning results.

In addition, the standard with its requirements for profitability of an organization also serves as a tool for management and control – the key words being management of resources, finances, and risk.

The standard is applicable to all learning service providers, to include universities, personal coaches and private institutions offering seminars and courses, as well as industrial firms offering in-house further training. Looking at the requirements, ISO 29990 can be combined very effectively with ISO 9001:2008 and any local standards for further education.

Key contents of ISO 29990

  • Identify the learning needs of stakeholders
  • Determine the objectives and extent of learning services offered, of contents and processes
  • Specify measures to support and monitor the learning transfer
  • Ensure availability and accessibility of learning resources
  • Corporate management of resources, finances, communications, and risk
  • Evaluation of all essential parts of the “teach-and-learn”process, as well as the overall management system

Significance and benefit

  • Improved customer orientation by way of consistent focus on the needs of the learners
  • Evidence of due diligence (product and contract liability)
  • Process optimization and continual improvement of the entire organization
  • Cross-national transparency and comparability of learning services
  • Development and evidence of internal quality ability
  • Standardized evaluation criteria for learning services
  • Combines easily with ISO 9001 and other standards