Certification Profile

Third party verification of sustainability reports such as GRI or UN Global Compact increases credibility and gives you the competitive edge.

Sustainability Report Assurance

To meet the growing demand for transparency, organizations of any size have decided to publish sustainability reports at regular intervals. These reports typically provide information about the social and environmental impact of organizations and the measures they have taken to address these.

In order to facilitate the process and to create a certain level of equivalence, organizations can use the GRI framework, the guidelines of the UN Global Compact, and many others.

Verification of the reporting process and the content of the report through an independent certification body considerably increases the credibility of the report.

Our qualified auditors evaluate the truthfulness, relevance and completeness of the provided information as well as the substance of the evidence.

Third-party verification of your CSR report

  • increases recognition, trust and credibility
  • sends a signal to your stakeholders that you value transparency
  • improves data quality
  • reduces risks by detecting issues

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – External Assurance

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Framework enables companies and organizations to measure and report their sustainability performance. GRI provides companies and organizations with a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used around the world.

By reporting transparently and with accountability, organizations can increase the trust that stakeholders have in them, and in the global economy. Validation of their reporting process through an independent certification body gives companies and organizations even greater credibility.