Certification Profile

An effective environmental management system is considered a prerequisite for responsible economic activity. European Eco-Regulation EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) provides your organization with a suitable basis for this, in combination with the environmental declaration that you have prepared on your own responsibility.

Environmental Performance

First published in 1993, the current version of the EU Regulation, EMAS III, has been valid since 2010.

In addition to the continuous improvement of your organization’s environmental performance in accordance with ISO 14001, EMAS also requires the routine validation of your environmental declaration, standardized environmental indicators, and an environmental assessment by specially authorized environmental verifiers.
Take advantage of our environmental verifiers’ expertise for an audit according to the EMAS rules. An EMAS registration is the perfect tool for you to demonstrate your environmental commitment to outsiders in a strong and transparent manner.

Environmental Declaration

Your environmental declaration in report form will be published for the public to read – making your environmental performance and the environmental objectives of your organization transparent for all interested parties. The findings that result from the regular measurement of the environmental impact of your economic activity will allow you improve and sustain your environmental performance, and to reduce environmental risk. Another important advantage that goes above and beyond the environmental ones: you improve the trust of authorities, banks, and insurances in your company – as well as that of your customers and employees. And you achieve increased legal certainty in the environmental arena. The systematic and preventive thought and deed of your employees may also result in cost savings. At the same time, you sustainably improve your organization’s image – and thus, your competitive ability.

Since the scope of EMAS II was extended in 2001 from companies in the industrial sector to organizations of any type, EMAS III now extends the scope to organizations located outside of the EU. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), there is now also some relief regarding inspection intervals and validation of the environmental declaration.

Validation Process

As a preparation, you will first conduct your own review of all environmental aspects according to the rules of EMAS. Afterwards, you implement a suitable environmental management system on the basis of your results. After you have prepared your environmental declaration, our verifiers review the procedure for the environmental verification of your organization, and its implementation. Then your environmental declaration will be verified. If you were successful, you can be registered by the respective authorities. Inspection intervals will be specified according to your company’s size; they usually take place at three-year intervals.