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    Report a violation

    All employees, business partners and customers, who would like to report potential violations of internal
    guidelines, legal requirements or Code of Conduct principles, can submit a report to the Compliance Manager of DQS Hellas. This includes reports of potentially damaging behavior, e.g. behavior that may lead to damage to assets or DQS group's reputation. Your report will be treated confidentially in any case.

    Please make sure that you are not breaching any applicable data privacy regulations when you make use of this reporting webpage. Before you submit a report, please bear in mind that the information you are providing could have serious consequences for the people involved.
    Please do not use this system for customer enquiries or complaints, or to ask questions about products or services provided by DQS group.
    In the event that you would like to remain anonymous, do not submit any personal information, e. g. your name or relationship to the offender. Do not submit any information that can be traced back to you. However, we encourage personal identification.

    You may leave the following fields open to stay anonymous.

    However, we encourage personal identification to enable us to clarify questions and respond back to you.


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