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DQS Hellas is an Accredited Certification Body providing Audit, Inspection and Certification services.

DQS Hellas was founded in 1999 by dr. Emmanouil Deligiannakis and is based in Athens, Greece while it operates also in Cyprus and Serbia through subsidiary companies. It is a member of the German DQS Holding GmbH, the official certification body of Germany, which has the largest worldwide network. DQS Hellas is also an active member of HellasCert, the Hellenic Association of Accredited Auditing and Certification Bodies of Greece.

DQS is a member of the European Quality Management Committee (EFQM) and officially represents Germany at IQNet – International Certification Network.

Its main activity is to provide integrated certification, inspection and evaluation systems and processes, aiming at enhancing the competitiveness of its clients in both the Greek and the international market.

Dr. Emmanouil Deligiannakis
Dr. Emmanouil Deligiannakis

With over 2,500 international auditors and experts in virtually every industry sector and operating in 130 countries, DQS ensures a high level of expertise as well as consistency in values and audit principles. Today, the service portfolio of DQS Group comprises assessments and certifications to more than 200 different standards, plus unique company-specific requirements.

The outstanding customer loyalty of 98% proves that customers see DQS as their preferred partner.


All members of the DQS Group strive towards one common goal: to contribute to the sustainable success of our clients.

History & Shareholders

In 1985 DQS was founded by its then two main shareholders, DGQ (German Society for Quality) and DIN (German Institute for Standardization). The German industry associations HDB, Spectaris, VDMA and ZVEI completed the original shareholders.

Since the merger with Underwriters Laboratories’ QRS division in 2008, UL has become an additional large shareholder of DQS Group.

Today our shareholders are the guardians of DQS’ corporate values and its high quality approach. Representing certified organizations from various industries, our industry associations mandate pragmatic customer focus and excellent service. DIN ensures direct access to and involvement in the newest international standard developments. DGQ and UL promote excellence in education and competence of our personnel, consistently worldwide.


DQS Global

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In today’s highly connected global economy you expect a trusted partner who is able to work with you in every location in which you conduct business.

The global DQS team brings local certification expertise to all major economic centers around the world:
DQS works with local auditors who speak the language and know the culture at each site, delivering value-adding and cost-effective services to companies they understand.





85 DQS offices in 60 countries provide trusted local expertise on industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and market knowledge. Being close to their customers, our international management team can focus on what excites our customers worldwide. Local customer service personnel provide trustworthy service close to home.

As the preferred certification and assessment partner of large international companies in the world, DQS has extensive experience and a very strong reputation when it comes to international project management.

dqs hellas
dqs hellas